Monday, March 12, 2012

Bad Mom??

We went out to eat with my 83 year old grandma and 93 year old grampa yesterday.  Mind you, my grampa takes care of my grandma who can no longer drive, walks with a cane, and is diabetic.  They are the sweetest people you would ever meet, generous, love God and until about 3 months ago went to daily mass for like 20 years. 
Something my grandma said yesterday bothered me a little and I shouldnt of taken personally.  She said 
"people ask me if your baby has shoes."
Yes, she just doesn't keep them or socks on, she pulls them off......
She smiled Sweetly, and laughed. 
I think this is a MAJOR hint
Now, since she only gets out once a week and can barely hear because she forgets to put her hearing aid in, I really wonder how many people who have said this to her at the church. 
But, she isnt walking yet, and if its less than 30 degrees outside I promise to put on socks, well more like 50.  
I love baby feet, they are preecccious! And i have about 500 one sock matches from the ones we lost.....
Here are some of the moments caught on camera
Anyone else have shoesless children (sockless too??)

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  1. My babies are usually shoeless unless we go out somewhere. I have a pair of Robeez from when Maggie was a baby that Catherine can't take off. But at home? Shoe and sockless. Since it's gotten warmer here, the older two just got sandals. But they never wear them. Even outside. She's a baby (and a total cutie). I wouldn't worry about it. As long as she has socks on if it's cold outside, until she starts walking (and even then, except in public), I'd say she's just fine. :)