Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mystery Patch


After several diarrhea diapers, carseat blow out, 12 new outfits (ok not that many) and 4 baths, we made it to work at a whopping 3pm.....
Gianna was feeling better, and she stole the succor in the above pics from her brother who loves her very much, and put it in the precise location where she could get it. I walked out of the room to get a pen (literally .2 seconds) and came back to find this.  
About an hour later, I looked at her face and saw a patch of red, it looked like ringworm.  
I touched it, wasnt sticky but rough. 
Well, since we still dont know which ailment had haunted her the past week, I was looking for every little thing that pop up on her to try and figure the mystery out. 
Now, my mom, hubby, coworkers, were all looking at the patch and diagnosing the problem.  It stayed there, until we got into the bathtub.  
There must have been dirt, or something that had stuck to the succor spot, because when i wiped her face last night it miraculously disappeared. 
So, illness is still a mystery....but happy shes feeling better.:)! 
Happy Thursday!

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