Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What a Day

Yesterday, poor Gianna was brought through the ringer
Doctor, hospital for blood work and clean catch via catheter. 
No ear infection, but some type of infection, we just dont know what....hmmmm. 
Long day, but once we got home last night, my 3 year old reminded me of how laughable things are sometimes. 

I am giving the kids a bath, and John Gary says
"Mama, do you have a wee wee"
Me: No John Gary only boys have them. 
JG: Oh, so me and daddy have a wee wee. 
Me: Yep!
He got really quiet for a minute in thought and then asked
JG: Mama are you going to cry?
Me: No buddy, why?
JG: Because you and Gianna dont have wee wee's. 

I wanted to laugh, but JG is at the age where if you laugh at his responses, and hes not trying to be "silly" as he calls it, he gets his feelings hurt.  So I smiled inwardly:)

Then at prayer time. 
We are praying for everyone, and we just got a deacon at our church, Deacon Travis, so we have been including him especially in our nightly prayers.  I guess I forgot to say his name last night because John Gary said "Mama, whos that new kid we are praying for, you forgot him." For a second I thought about it, and was confused.  Then...uhhh deacon travis. JG: Yep thats the new kid!  
Oh the mind of a 3 year old. I love him!

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