Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Losing 2 body parts gaining 2 tubes

Well, its official Tubes in, Adnoids out on Friday for our little almost one year old bundle of joy. 
I am totally at peace with it...and hoping that our weekly pedi appointments will be nil.  
I mean, I love our pediatrician, but would rather not see her once a week, especially when it is because I have a sick baby and our yearly deductible has not yet been met....its only March, even though we are danggerously close.
Hoping the surgery will bring a better quality of life to our little girl, and make her ears, nose throat etc calm down with the snot and infection infestation.  They say its a 15 minute surgery, and Im hoping they are true to their word! 
Prayers would be appreciated for all! 


  1. Prayers heading your family's way! Hope all goes well! XO

  2. Praying for little G and for you and dad as well. :(