Monday, March 26, 2012

Surgery and Birthday Weekend

Thanks everyone for the prayers, the surgery went well - one HUGE complaint I had with surgery center, which I will elaborate on in a sec.  So, ENT said her ears were infected in the inner ear, blood and thick pus pored out, and that it was a good thing we did tubes because the antibiotics werent touching it.  
Anyway, when we got the surgery center at 6am, met with the nurses, I told them she was a hard stick.  I showed them the only vein an IV has ever been able to be started on, and said you might want to go ahead and call in the best nurse.  Blew me off, and said there was never any baby they werent able to get.  Ok, thanks, great.  Little did I know that they meant they would dig in her arms, feet and hands until they found one.  Friday night I was giving her a bath and she was fussing when I touched her hands and feet.  They tried to start the IV 9 TIMES! Bruising and IV marks.  Ok, so now I am so mad.  They took her before they put her to sleep because they did so with gas in the back before starting an IV.  I dont care though if she was asleep or not, you dont try 9 times to start an IV, and dig to the point that there are quarter sized bruises all over my babies hands feet and arms.  Oh, annnnd guess which vein they got her IV on? The one I showed them.  Ok, rant over. I have filed an official complaint with surgery center, and we have finished.
She has started talking wayyy more in the past 48 hours and things are going well!  So Sunday we went ahead and had her little easter egg hunt bday party! We had a great time, the weather was beautiful, and she is doing well!! 

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